About Us


PROTECNO INGENIERIA® is an industrial sector company created on January 14, 2010, in order to provide companies in the Colombian industrial sector with efficient solutions to the needs that arise in the production, assembly, assembly, maintenance and repair processes , under the premise of offering an excellent service, providing products with the highest quality standards and specialized technical advice, relying on the human talent of our employees, who have extensive experience in different fields of action at the industrial level, In order to achieve total customer satisfaction. For these purposes we offer you our portfolio of advanced technological products and services:


Provide efficient solutions and alternatives to all companies in the industrial sector of Colombia and Latin America so that they can achieve optimum productivity.

To be leaders and referents with our products and services at an industrial level in Latin America.

In PROTECNO INGENIERIA®, being leaders and referents goes beyond occupying a privileged place in the participation or size of the industrial market. Being disruptive, innovative, efficient and highly productive are some of the adjectives that characterize us and that are required to be referents in a market that is constantly evolving and transforming.

Honesty: In the fulfillment of the actions and duties inherent to our processes and activities, with rectitude and decorum.

Commitment: With our ideals, our goals, our behavior, with our clients, our work team, with quality and high performance.

Integrity: Always doing the right thing, in an impolute way, with discipline, congruence and firmness in order to achieve our objectives and goals.

Loyalty: Respecting and being faithful to our principles, fulfilling our established commitments, with devotion to respect for our coherence.

Quality: In our products and services, in our attention, in our proposals, quality superior to conventional standards.

Responsibility: In the optimal fulfillment of what concerns us, at work, human and social level, in the commitments with our clients, with our team, with the environment and sustainability.

Customers and users: We direct our most commendable effort to provide the best service and the most optimal service to our industrial customers, using our experience and knowledge, the expertise in the products and services of our portfolio.

Work team: We form our team with specialists in each area that makes up our company, from the operative and administrative part, to the technical and engineering area, in this way we guarantee our clients specialized attention with optimal results.

Performance and compliance: Our obsession, to have and maintain a high performance in all our operations, to always and fully satisfy all work in which we are required, in our response times and deliveries, in our supervision and monitoring tasks.

Growth and sustainability: We put special effort in directing our progress towards the continuous improvement of all our processes, without leaving aside the effort to guarantee the sustainability of the company over time and the balance of our operation with respect to the environment and the environment.

Entrepreneurship: It is a vital part of our spirit, of our creed, as a family business we understand the importance of innovation and disruption to guarantee a successful operation, to create value, to achieve sustainability over time, to adapt to change proactively.


The best products and services at the industrial level, with the greatest efficiency in attention, advice, management and delivery times, with the aim and obsession of achieving the greatest satisfaction to our customers and providing them with great benefits.


Our Services

Technical Advice

A Team of Specialists at your service and seeking to optimize your industrial operations.

Epoxy Coatings

Protection and Advanced Polymer repair for your equipment and industrial surfaces, why replace if it can be repaired?

Training Seminars

Knowledge and Expertise are our most Powerful Weapons, as our Strategic Allies we put them at your service.

Soda Blasting

Keeping equipment in operation at industry is essential, finding alternatives to achieve this is our specialty.

Some important data

For many, the Statistics are just data, ¿for us? They are Power Arguments that Support our Operation and Progress.

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    Grams of Adhesives and Sealants distributed to the Industry (Grams)

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    Dispatch and Delivery Compliance (%)

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    Years of Experience

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